Automatic Fiber Ball Machine

 Automatic Fiber Ball  Machine

Model No.︰CQJ-E

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Specifications︰  This equipment is a automatic to rub and roll the chemical fibre into pearl-sized fiber balls, while the fix-quantity filling the pillows.
Advantages:Automatically feeding, opening, discharging, filling the pillows, stacking, and bagging. It can be operated easily be only one person.
This machine is applicable for factories that pay high salary, have large production or produce frequently.
There are loosening parts inside, so the chemical fibre need not to be loosened in advance. Have good adaptability to such various kinds of chemical fibre. China--patented technologies have been uniquely applied in this machine.
Input Fiber (once): ﹥40kg, automatically input cotton for more than half an hour. The output is 50-80 kilograms per hour.
The machine filling time can adjust. Filling can be ordinary rectangular pillow, Filling can be complex pillow, toys.
Automatic Fiber Ball pillows Machine is made up of GL-E Automatic Feeding Machine, CQJ-50K Fiber Ball Machine, and CGJ-500S fix-quantity pillow filling Machine.
The motor 8.8 KW. Net weight: 850 Kg.

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