Pillow Filling Machine

Pillow    Filling   Machine

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Specifications︰ 1. This apparatus is a small type of machine for sucking fluffy materials like feather and chemical fiber with a high pressure blaster and filling them into cloth- made pillow cores.
2. The machine is equipped with a T- shaped feather- filling pipe with 2 feather- filling outlets which can be used in turn for continuous filling of feather into pillow cores. It is simple to operate, fast in filling speed, small in the sealing gap and the pillow core is compacted when it is filled. It can decrease the labour strength of hand filling and increase output by 3 times.
3. Filling pipes of ф38 mm and 50 mm can be provided according to customer’s requests for filling feather into different shapes of cloth products. These optional filling pipes can be used to fill leaning- cushion, bedding, middle and large cloth toys and stuffed toys.
4. Electric motor: 2.2 KW, 3 – phase, 380 V, 50 Hz.
5. Revolving direction of the vene wheel: Clockwise when looking from the charging inlet.
6. Net weight: 73 Kg. Gross weight : 105 Kg.
7. Size: 0.75 x 0.6 x 0.96 M.
Size of wooden box: 0.95 x 0.7 x 1.2 M = 0.8 M 3.

Operation Methods

1. 3 operators are needed: One operator for the charging of material, the other two for continuous filling of pillow cores in turn. 2,000 pillow cores can be filled in 8 hours.
2. Operators need only to fill a pillow core to an approximately right weight, the filled pillow core should be weighed to get the exact weight. Then seal up the gap.
3. Pillow core can also be filled with the exact weight of material weighed beforehand. But by this method, the production speed will be greatly reduced.
4. If ordinary rectangular pillow core and leaning- cushion are to be filled with feather and pearl- like chemical fiber balls, it
need only to put the cloth bag of pillow core onto the outlet of the filling T – pipe and fill it full. But if complicated toys are to be filled with fluffy chemical fiber, the following method can be adopted:
5. An operation table can be placed under the outlet of the filling pipe to facilitate operators to lap against pillow cores during the filling process so that toys can be filled faster, fuller, evener and smoother in appearance. The size of the operation table can be 60 cm (W) x 75 cm (H) x 75 – 150 cm ( L) .
6. Slip a pillow core cloth case on to the outlet of the filling pipe through to one corner at the bottom. When that corner is filled full, fill the other corners one by one to ensure that each corner is fully filled.
7 If you want to fill a pillow core fuller, you can hold the bottom of the pillow core bag, squeeze toward the outlet of the filling pipe and then loosen it quickly during the processing.
8. If the T – valve is blocked during feather – filling process , the above method can also be tried to unblock it. You can also turn the T- valve to an empty bag immediately.
9. Decide the right size of the opening gap on the cloth bag of a pillow core so as to slip it easily onto the filling pipe.
10. There is a supplemental wind inlet on the filling pipe to facilitate the loosening of material lumps so that the filling pipe will not be easily blocked. The size of filling pipe can be adjusted according to actual condition.

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